10 ways to declutter your life

Your home is your sanctuary! Follow these tips to declutter your life, and achieve a clutter free and peaceful home. 


Your home is your sanctuary; you should be able to take pride in your home for yourself and for guests. Keeping clutter tidied away in beautiful storage units will streamline your home.

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Adding mirrors will enhance any room, adding light and a sense of more space. Choose a style of mirror that is consistent with other key items around your home to create flow throughout.


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Your home is an extension of who you are – display what matters to you and interests you. Keep your walls and mantlepieces filled with framed photos of things you love and memories that matter to you. Use your favourite books to add depth to your home as well as art to inspire you every day.


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Clear Out! Only keep what serves you now. You can still treasure memories by keeping them in stylish muted storage boxes for a rainy day. Organise. Create serenity in your home by knowing that everything has a place and you know where.



Keep your mornings precious. Creating a neutral space on your bedside table will help you sleep better and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Choosing a table that has drawers enables you to tidy away anything you need nearby. Add some joy with some fresh flowers to brighten your day from the get-go.



De-brand. Decant all your branded products into jars, from cotton buds to moisturisers, this will make your bathroom look elegant and make your beauty ritual look like a stunning feature.


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Keep calm and stick to your colour palette. Natural and neutral colours promote relaxation on a subconscious level; find the ones that suit you and keep them flowing throughout your home.


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Switch off. Escape technology by keeping at least one room completely tech free, preferably the bedroom. Create tranquility and peace by having a space with no distractions, this can help you not only sleep better but start your day on your best foot.



It’s all in the detail; the smallest things can sometime make the biggest difference. Keeping cables and plugs covered and neat, making your bed every morning or making sure your home has its own scent that you love, whatever the small detail is will equate to harmony.

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Lastly, LOVE your home. Fill your home with character and love. Creating a neutral and calm space is one step, but adding your own personality will be what makes your home yours.