Avoiding the winter blues

The sun is a delightfully positive stimulant. When it’s less visible, it’s our minds that can sometimes cloud over. Making the home a place of solace during the cold weather can make all the difference to our enjoyment of the winter season. Below are just a few tips on how to let Brissi brighten your home.


What better way to brighten a living space than with flowers that awaken our senses, and remind us that spring is just around the corner. The classic rose or oriental lily housed in the exquisitely made Lila Vase, with its unique handmade and painted flower detailing, cannot fail to illuminate your home.



Excite the senses – the Fruits d’Epices 4 wick Scented Candle will fill your home with a sweet oriental symphony of mulberry, bergamot and vanilla enveloped in spicy black pepper, staving off the winter blues with its delicious scent and warming candlelight.



Brissi’s hand-crafted, ornate mirrors conjure a sense of magnificent light and space. A majestic way of diverting natural light around the house, they make light-giving centrepieces to brighten bathrooms, living rooms or hallways.


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The relaxing, sensual aromas of the Scented Diffuser Collection slowly diffuse aromatic oil into the air for up to three months, making it the perfect relaxation aid during the winter season. With four exquisite scents from which to choose, select to best suit your mood.



The importance of light: creating the right ambience in the home can help generate a peaceful atmosphere, even when the weather is less than tranquil outside. The elegant glass Hurricane Lamp can be filled with sand or left empty to house pillar candles that help create a serene, warming glow.