The Bedroom Style Guide


The Bedroom Style Guide  – create the perfect sanctuary to relax and sleep well at night.

Bedroom Style Guide

Your bedroom is a sanctuary away from busy life. It’s the place you can rest, recuperate and unwind after a hectic day. So, how do we create the ultimate relaxing environment? With just a few tricks on lighting, colours and furniture, we can not only have an elegant-looking room but also have somewhere for a great night’s sleep.

Furniture selections
Choosing the right furniture for your room is the first place to start when decorating. We want to maximise the space so it feels tidy and uncluttered before we rest for the night.

Positioning your bed
If you have a smaller room then positioning your bed against the wall is unavoidable. If this is the case, then make sure it’s close to a window to use the natural light, and have enough space around the bed so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. For a large room, position the bed in the middle so it becomes the centrepiece, surrounded by the additional furniture such as bedside tables and wardrobes.

Bedroom Style Guide

Clear the clutter with clever storage ideas
Clever storage ideas are brilliant for maximising your space, too. If you have a smaller-sized room, then under bed storage units are hidden away, while tall cabinets or bookshelves minimise floor space. You can even use tall cabinets next to your bed to double up as a bedside table with a hanging light attached to a shelf.

Consistent furniture style
The look and style of your bedroom furniture depend on your personality and preference. But when it comes to either choosing metal or wooden furnishing, we would suggest making sure there is a consistency around the room. The bed is invariably the room’s centrepiece so depending on whether it’s darker or lighter-coloured, wooden or metal frame, it sets the precedent for the rest of the room’s colour scheme.

Bedroom Style Guide

Neutral colours for relaxing, darker colours for mood
Adding colour to your home is important to give it character and mood. In the bedroom, creating a relaxing feel and atmosphere can be achieved through a few small touches.

Neutral colours of relaxation
Using light and neutral colours around your bedroom will make it feel clean, peaceful and relaxing. As the bed is the most significant piece of furniture, use light-coloured bed linen that can be matched throughout the room. If you go with lighter hues like whites, creams and greys, the rest of the room’s furniture like bedside tables and wardrobes should match this style and balance out the décor.

Bedroom Style Guide

Vibrant colours for mood
Colour ultimately comes down to preference, so if you’re someone who likes have impactful decors in the home then using stronger, deeper colours will work in the bedroom, too. Dark reds, purples and even black give the room a dramatic atmosphere, while vibrant colours like oranges and greens are ideal for a summery look.

Use accessories to add in colour
Colour ultimately comes down to preference, so if you’re someone who likes have impactful decors in the home then using stronger, deeper colours will work in the bedroom, too. Dark reds, purples and even black give the room a dramatic atmosphere, while vibrant colours like oranges and greens are ideal for a summery look.

When it comes to using lighting in your bedroom there are multiple ways to utilise both natural and man-made lighting fixtures. Both are ideal for adding style and mood to a bedroom.

Bedroom Style Guide

Natural lighting
Making sure our bedrooms are set up so the natural light is evenly distributed around the room is important for having a natural décor feel. One way is to have a blank space next to the window, away from furniture, so there’s space for the light to enter the room. If you have a hard floor then making sure it’s varnished will help reflect the natural rays around the room.

Mirrors are also a very effective way to manage natural light in a bedroom. A floor mirror directly pointing towards the window will draw the eye as soon as you enter the room and make it feel instantly natural. A selection of carefully positioned smaller mirrors will distribute the natural light around the room, too.

Manmade lighting
Task lights are a set of manmade lights brilliant for focusing light on different sections of the bedroom; Reading lamps are the most common forms of light away from the ceiling, so make sure they’re carefully positioned to aid reading before bed, but also distributing light where it is needed.

As with any room in the house, the ceiling lighting is generally the one to illuminate a whole room. This can be achieved by either using one main hanging light to give an even glow throughout the room, usually over the bed, or having multiple in-wall fixed lights focusing in separate areas. With a hanging ceiling light, you can choose the colour of your shade to impact the room’s lighting. The lighter colours create a relaxed mood while darker will make the space more intimate.

Interesting accessories for texture
Having a beautiful bedroom is important, but making sure it’s comfortable to sleep in is imperative. A room with only one texture can feel sterile and uncomfortable so add in accessories to make the space cosier.

Bedroom Style Guide

Soft furnishings to add style and luxury
Using different types of fabrics around the bedroom will add depth, style and luxury to its décor. Throws and blankets can add texture to a flat bed, while scatter cushions look great when sitting just above the pillows. It’s for that moment when you walk into your bedroom after a long, busy day and are looking forward to a place to relax.

Boxes and pots
Another way to add style is through storage items. You could use a wicker basket to store clothes and other day-to-day items t not only maximise space but also to add texture to the room. Similarly, plant pots and hanging indoor plants can give a simplistic décor more texture and, in turn, added character.

Bedroom Style Guide

Art and personal accessories
No home is complete without the personal touches of the homeowner. In the bedroom, picture frames, wall art and other collected pieces not only give the room a unique look but also add texture. Wall art and picture frames protruding off a flat wall or a statue rising up from a side table adds depth to a room.

Bedroom Style Guide

Final word
Bedroom style is not necessarily to do with the most vibrant colours or creating multiple types of mood, it can simply be set up to provide a relaxing atmosphere for when you’re unwinding from a busy day. Bedrooms often only require subtle adjustments regarding furniture placements, lighting, colour and textures to create an elegant and comfortable space.

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