Clarity of mind

The Brissi world and our philosophy is more than a brand; it is a way of living. We don’t just want to share our vision and passion for beautiful style and space, we also wish to convey our ethos. We believe that kindness should be at the core of everything we do, and that key to living a happier life lies within the clarity of mind.


Ways of clearing the mind

It is inevitable that with busy lives and perennial distractions our minds become cluttered. This can result in a sense of overwhelming confusion often leading to bad decisions and general inefficiency. It is important to carve out some time to de-clutter the mind. Here are some tips to begin the process.

  1. Do not have the TV on ‘for company’ in the background at home. This leads to distraction and is an obstacle to a focused mind. Try the radio on a classical channel or a gentle soundtrack.
  2. Take some down time before or after work when your phone is on silent, and if you can, switch it off completely. A couple of hours of this over the weekend will be very beneficial. Be mindful of this and use it as a tool – have some total time off. Try to do something relaxing, like taking a bath or sitting out in the garden.
  3. Do not keep your computer on at home outside of work, or have emails and messages coming in live all the time. Try to keep any device away from your everyday activities at home.
  4. Go for walks and leave your phone behind. You can switch off the mind in a completely different way once you do not have your phone with you. Make this a habit at least a couple of times a week. It does not have to be for long: 30 minutes at a time even if just around the block near home or work. This is very good and very easy to achieve – especially during a lunch break during work hours.
  5. Strive to do more outdoors activities. Visit local parks, find a local canal where you can take easy walks along the edges. If you live near the sea make an effort to be by the water and enjoy the benefits of the relaxing sound of the waves.


Meditation can certainly help the mind with the habit of overthinking.

It will enable you to clear the mind of thoughts, temporarily, and lead to a sense of calm and serenity. One will need the help of a competent teacher to begin with, but the technique can then be repeated at home over and over and the rewards are immediate. You will need to arm yourself with a bit of patience, but the results will soon become apparent.

The importance of a healthy and happy mind


A healthy and happy mind leads to innumerable benefits.

A clear mind is very powerful and can help you lead a more calm and meaningful existence. Better decisions are taken once the mind is clear. It is a tool to help avoid doubts and obstacles in everyday life. With a happy and healthy mind we will be more prone to positive actions such as being kind to others which in turn will further promote a sense of happiness. Happy minds can hinder certain types of illnesses and woes and promote a better sense of well being.

“With a happy and healthy mind we will be more prone to positive actions such as being kind to others which in turn will further promote a sense of happiness.”

Our home environment and our peace of mind

It is a fact that a calming home environment creates a sense of peace.


Your home is your personal haven and should be the place that makes you feel energised and conduces to positive things.

Living in a tidy, uncluttered home can help you achieve that feeling of being in your very own peaceful haven, where you go to retreat to a better place.

Choose shooting base colours like whites and pale taupes. Keep curtains and blinds wide open to get any natural light flooding in during the daytime. Get storage boxes and baskets in muted tones to keep odd objects out of sight. De-brand bathrooms and kitchens by keeping busy looking cleaning products neutral in jars and small baskets.

“Living in a tidy, uncluttered home can help you achieve that feeling of being in your very own peaceful haven…”



When to clear your mind and meditate


There isn’t a specific time which can be described as better or worse for meditation. For a lot of people the morning would seem the ideal time as the mind is free of thoughts and activities that would otherwise occupy the mind later in the day.

Simply set the alarm half an hour earlier than you would normally and sit yourself down in a relaxed and comfortable posture so that you can carry out the morning meditation routine.

People with their happy and clear mind make better friends, better parents and better partners.