Cushion Styling: How to get the Perfect Arrangement

.Cushions are a simple and cost-effective way to alter the landscape and feel of your rooms. It can quickly turn your living space from drab to delightful. Cushion styling that looks sophisticated can, however, be a challenge… especially when you’re dealing with different shapes, patterns and sizes.

 At BRISSI we’ve learnt some good tips over the years that will make this challenge effortless to master and will ensure you have the perfect cushion styling every time.


Cushion Styling

This effortless arrangement consists of two large cushions on either side of the sofa. For impact, introduce a bold colour with the rear cushions and, for individuality, a mohair throw over the back. Combine this arrangement with a sofa like the Westbourne and you’ll have a space perfect to snuggle into when only a tub of ice cream and your favourite chick-flick will do.

The Westbourne Sofa is an elegant yet comfortable sofa, easily brightened up with a few select cushions in bright colours
The Westbourne Sofa is an elegant yet versatile sofa, easily brightened up with a few select cushions in bright colours
Introduce bold colour with a selection of cushions and soften the look with a natural mohair throw


Detailed Cushions

Sometimes two strikingly detailed cushions can do all the work for you, especially if they’re a novelty shape. This is perfect for sofa loungers who like nothing more than to sprawl out as much as possible.


Pair Cushions

If you like everything in its place and looking neat, start with your two largest cushions in the outermost corners and then work your way in, adding pairs of smaller cushions as you go along. This look will work with both patterned and plain cushions, as long as each pair is matching. The striking pattern of our Damask Cushion or the texture of the Geneva Cross Stitch Cushion would look perfect in such an arrangement.



Mixed Cushions

If you pride yourself on your home décor and take pleasure in getting that ‘wow’ reaction from guests, then this is the arrangement for you. It requires a mixture of patterns, shapes, textures and sizes but the trick is to ensure one of these factors is continuous throughout the majority of the cushions. For example, a similar tonal range in colour or a similar genre of patterns. Where possible use an odd number of cushions and a one-off statement cushion in the centre.


Scattered Cushions

Scatter cushions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that they’re incredibly comfortable to snuggle into. Keep it simple by allowing no more than 2 or 3 cushion variations depending on the size of your sofa. You should also have one style of cushion in odd numbers to achieve a recurring sequence. Our large, soft and plump Geneva Cross Stitch Cushion or textured Satin Ribbons Cushion would be perfect for any scatter cushion enthusiasts out there. If you already have a scatter cushion sofa then add a few smaller complimentary cushions to interject the sofa’s primary colour/pattern.e35f61fd-f20e-4e4a-9c0f-8c978df9767c

Rebellious Cushions

Rebellious arrangements go against most cushion styling rules. It generally only lends itself well to sofas that have clean and straight lines. You’ll need an odd number of cushions and they’ll all need to be very similar… if not the same colour. Place the larger group of cushions on the opposite side of the sofa to where a guest would sit. This creates a focal point of the room.