DIY Spring Silk Floral Wreath

  Brissi Creates

Silk Floral Wreath

The perfect piece to adorn a springtime door,our everlasting Silk Floral Wreath is a charming alternative to the traditional silk flower bouquet.

From season to season, a silk wreath can be used year after year for a quick interior refresh. Customise this piece by season by using darker blooms and more woody foliage for the colder months.

What you will need:

      2 Silk Pale Peony
      2 Silk White Hydrangea
      1 Silk Pink Ecuador Rose
      5 Sprigs of Eucalyptus
      A large embroidery hoop or copper hoop
      A few lengths of ribbon
      Florists wire
      A glue gun

Gather all your materials together on a large clear space.

Using secateurs, trim the eucalyptus sprays approximately 1-2 inches from the stem. This will make it easier to bend and hide the stems around the hoop.

Gently pull the hydrangea, peony and rose flowers from the stems. Save a leaf or two from the peony to include in the final piece.

Simply wrap the eucalyptus sprays around the embroidery hoop, fixing with wire where required.

Once you are satisfied that the wood has been covered, you can glue on the silk flowers, making sure to space them evenly. Add some of the remaining silk leaves to create a natural looking, everlasting wreath.