Four Fool Proof Tips to Showcasing Art in the Home

A bare wall is no fun! When thinking about decor and the interiors of your home, many people focus on furniture and forget to consider what they are putting on their walls. With the right art hung on the wall, any living space can be transformed from plain and boring to unique and personal.

Find a piece of art that you absolutely love, or choose one carefully that evokes everything you want from your home decor, it can create a feel or theme for the entire room and space that you’re working with.


1. Create a focal point

Every room needs a focal point, and a piece of inspiring decoration is a perfect way to do that. It is perfect hung over a fireplace or your sofa across the main wall in the sitting room. In the bedroom, hang it above the bed or proudly place on top of your dresser. In the dining room, it can add an accent to a somewhat empty space. Think of your art as inspiration or something that will sit pride of place in the space you create.

If you have the space for this majestic pop of colour do not hesitate. The effect of the thickly layered brightly painted canvas is very impressive.

2. Inspire your colour palette

A beautiful piece of art that is carefully considered will no doubt include colours and tones that you find attractive. Art can be used as a great device to inspire a base colour scheme and to add accents from there. When looking at your piece of art, pick out a few shades that really stick out. From these, choose a main colour then have two or three as accent colours for the room and work with these in your selection of accessories. Shopping for pieces from the same collection by one particular artist is a great way to add variation but with pieces that marry together perfectly, further adding to your colour scheme.

ots of ribbons of pretty shades have been painted on this impressive canvas resulting in a cascade of colour.

3. Add intrigue

Art not only breaks up a blank wall, but it also adds texture and depth to the room. Opt for wall art with gold foil to really make it stand out. To achieve something more calming for thought provoking, search for an abstract piece in beautiful blue tones. Think about your personal style and how this translates to your decor. What feel or atmosphere do you want the space to evoke? If you look at your art and feel a certain way, the chances are that this atmosphere will be mirrored throughout the room so consider its textures and strokes of paint carefully.

A very subtle piece that would hang perfectly in a living room or bedroom.

4. Complete your decor

Wall art really is the final piece of the decor puzzle that will make your room feel polished and stylish. The satisfaction of the completed look will make you appreciate your art even more than when you started decorating and the finished room will really look like a well thought out, styled space.

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