Three great ways to create a beautiful sleep space

Make the dream a reality with our essential tips to getting a blissful night’s sleep.

We all long for a solid 9 hours sleep, but in reality, this never happens. Whether you’re awoken by children, the pet cat, or the noisy neighbour, it’s very unlikely you get uninterrupted sleep. Let us help you create a luxurious space to tuck yourself away at night and dream the night away.

Brissi Bedroom

1. The Bed

This is the most important factor of a good night’s sleep. Count Z’s in a bed that’s fit for the most luxurious of boutique hotels. The statement Boston Bed is full of sophistication and elegance that will turn your bedroom into a place you’ll never want to leave. The sturdy frame will support your mattress and minimise annoying creaking every time you roll over. Snuggle up in the finest of bed linens to help you doze off into dreamland each and every night. Keep things soft and comfortable with plump cushions and cotton throws to pull over when the nights get cooler.
Brissi Bedroom


2. De-clutter

Store away clutter to not only organise, but also to de-stress! Create an organised bedroom by storing away clothes when you take them off – try not to throw on that occasional chair each night. A well-chosen bedside table and stunning chest of drawers will help to keep things peaceful in your bedroom, but also your mind, which will aid to a peaceful night’s sleep. Our quirky collection of bedroom furniture is the perfect solution to your sleeping space organisation.


Brissi Accessories


3. Set the Atmosphere

Create a relaxing atmosphere that will lure you in to a state of calm. Dim the lights and let the gorgeous notes of a scented candle lift your bedroom each night. Open your favourite book and slowly sink into your bed linens as your read by soft lightening. Did you know that plants can aid sleep? Why not bring your lavender plant inside, pot within our beautiful Ostuni belly basket, and let the calming scent diffuse throughout your room.


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