How To…Turn Your Bedroom into a Boudoir

Practical living is taking over most homes due to increasingly busy lifestyles. So treat yourself and turn just one room into a haven of peace for yourself, so turn your bedroom into a Boudoir.


The focal point of every Boudoir is of course the bed. Keeping your frame neutral and simplistic enables you to have freedom with all your other pieces and linens. Beginning with a blank canvas will inspire you to accessorise in new ways.



Using throws and blankets will channel a sense of luxury and elegance. Add different textures like cashmere, lace and fur to add a relaxed and warm feel to your Boudoir.



Use light to your advantage and hang a chandelier or two! As the light passes through the beautifully cut crystal it will reflect delicate stars onto the ceiling and open up the space even more.



A vintage dressing table and chair is a definitive piece for every Boudoir, use your table to add character and charm. Find interesting crystal bottles for all your beauty potions and decant your must have’s into these to create a clean and luxurious feel to your morning routine. Silver accents are a must, use trinket boxes to store all of your lovely items.



Create a personality for your Boudoir with a signature scent – use fresh flowers or alternatively have faux flowers and a scented candle of your choosing. Flowers will bring a splash of life and colour, having your own signature scent will let you know it’s time to relax.