How to… turn your living room into a stylish, restful place

After your bed, the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy is your sofa. At the end of a long day, in a world of push-and-shove, you seek it out for comfort and relaxation, and sink gratefully into its heavenly, feather-filled embrace. Choosing a timeless, elegant sofa is the first and largest step towards creating a truly stylish living room. It sets the whole tone of the space and says so much about who you are and what you cherish.

How to... turn your living room into a stylish, restful place

The right sofa/chair combination for your space

Choosing the shape and the fabric is all about you, and which combination you fall in love with (and we’ll come to that in a minute).The really tricky part of choosing upholstered furniture is knowing which sizes/pieces will look right in your room (you really will have to measure beforehand) So here, in brief, are the main options, and what to consider with each one…

Two identical sofas – Large, Medium or Small – at a right angle to each other

This is the cosiest set-up – perfect for chatting and for watching TV. And the symmetry of having the same size looks great too. If you love this look, our Large size will need a very wide room so you may need to settle on Medium, or even Small.

One Large and one Medium – or one Medium and one Small – sofa at a right angle to each other

This gives you the best of both – the Large/Medium gives you the extra sofa space for lounging and The Medium/Small gives you the extra floor space across the width of your room.


View The Westbourne

Two identical sofas – Large, Medium or Small – facing each other

The symmetry of this looks stunning but really only suits a ‘library’-type room meant for conversation, reading and listening to music. It doesn’t work well if everyone wants to watch TV without getting neck-strain!

Charlie_wingback_chair_NEW View The Charlie Wingback

One sofa – Large, Medium or Small – positioned down the longest part of the room, with an Armchair on both sides.

The armchairs allow for a very narrow room, while the sofa means there’s still lots of lovely space to curl up.(Brissi haven’t released their Pembridge armchair yet but if that’s the style you choose, just call them and they’ll make it for you!)

Anything is possible with a Sofa Tailor

If your room is an odd shape and you need half-sizes, or you want an extra-large sofa size, you need to go to real experts in custom-made upholstery. Brissi are Sofa Tailors and nothing makes them happier than a challenge like measuring up and making a bespoke size. (In fact they’ve just finished a very long 3-metre Clarendon for a design studio.) Extra cushions or an extra set of covers? They can do that too. So don’t let your creativity be quashed. Ask them. They can make it happen for you.

Fall in love with a footstool

It may seem like an indulgent addition but actually a footstool is an incredibly practical, multi-tasking piece.


Use Sofa Tailor to create your own footstall

(showing above is The Blenheim)

Coffee table, extra seat and footrest, if you fancy one, both Blenheim and Ladbroke have them(though one of these two versatile styles will sit comfortably with any of our other sofa shapes).


Use Sofa Tailor to create your own footstall

(showing above is The Ladbroke)

Ladbroke has two sizes to choose from, both on castors so beautifully easy to nudge into your perfect feet-up position. From a style point of view, a footstool turns an armchair into a chaise (and can make up for not having a Large sofa to lie out on), and turns a sofa of any size into an elegant ‘L’ shape.

Now, about quality, shape and fabric…
…a lifetime of comfort and joy

When you consider your new sofa as the second most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy, you’ll want to invest in exceptional quality for comfort and joy that will last your lifetime. And there’s a certain satisfaction in choosing one that’s been hand-crafted in England in a long-establish family-owned workshop. Sometimes it’s quicker and less stressful to choose a retailer’s ‘house’ sofa i.e. a successful shape and fabric combination that is tried and tested so you really can’t go wrong. But there’s something very exciting about choosing your own shape, size, fabric and colour to create a sofa that’s wonderfully, perfectly tailor-made for you. And there’s expert advice available to help you do just that.

…natural beauty

For some people, the use of all-natural components is important too. Hand-crafted solid wood frames not MDF or knotty pine but beech or birch with a 10-year guarantee. Gorgeously plump and receptive feather fillings. Some people prefer polyester filling which doesn’t need plumping up. Some prefer 100% feather fillings which do – and this can require a surprising amount of energy! Brissi have come up with the perfect combination – a thin piece of foam for support, generously wrapped in deliciously plump, fluffy feathers which only needs a little bit of plumping up. However, some styles still do look and feel their best with 100% feather filling so happy plumping if you plump for one of those – their super-squidgy comfort will make it well worth the effort.

Beautifully natural fabrics.

It’s important here to explain a bit about fibres. High-end retailers use synthetics intentionally to achieve a specific fabric characteristic: a touch of polyester to make the detail on a Herringbone fabric more robust; a polyester-velvet is more crush-proof than its cotton-velvet alternative so lets you enjoy the tactile beauty of this exquisite fabric without the super-crushed nap of cotton velvet that isn’t for everyone. And for fabrics with a viscose content – let’s not forget that viscose isn’t synthetic: it is man-made but from a natural source so is a much-misunderstood fibre, which is such a shame because it really is very lovely.

If all this seems overwhelming, don’t worry…

…expert advice is part of the Brissi service. Visit one of our beautiful stores and we can help you make the right choice. You’ll be able to see up-close all our sofa shapes and all the fabric options. Just bring the length and width measurements of your room with you, and even better, a few photos taken on your phone.

All I want for Christmas… is my beautiful sofa

When you’ve invested your precious time and energy into choosing the perfect sofa for you, its arrival in your home is a very exciting thing. Our sofas are delivered free of charge, and positioned in the room of your choice. And if you order by Monday 26th October, you can take time, settle down and curl up somewhere really beautiful this Christmas.