Introducing our Faux Flowers Range: Fleur De Brissi

Everlasting blooms brought to you in our new collection of stunning faux flowers.

Teamed with the best in the industry we are delighted to launch our faux flowers in our Fleur De Brissi range.



At Brissi we adore fresh flowers. Some of us are even keen gardeners and would therefore not dream of selling anything that would distort the image of a perfectly formed freshly cut flower. Today the world of artificial flowers has improved and grown so much that it is now possible to buy flowers that finally do justice to their natural counterparts.

We are delighted with our curated selection of all the flowers we love so much in our English gardens.


At Brissi we are incurable romantics. We are particularly fond of cottage garden flowers. We can’t get enough of old damask Roses in hues of dusky pinks and irresistible fresh sweetpeas in delicate pastels. Our mophead Hydrangeas are so real looking you’d have to touch them to believe they are not fresh.




Sometimes, in a modern house, however, we prefer a sleeker and contemporary setting with clean and sharp edges. We have picked some classic design staples, such as Phalaenopsis orchids and Casablanca lilies.



We have also chosen some incredible looking foliage. It is so easy to add just a few colourful stems and perfect for a contemporary display.

Choose from our wide selection of beautiful vases to complement your favourite Fleur De Brissi.