Brissi’s Guide to Silk Flowers

Artificial and silk flowers have improved so much that you can now buy blooms that do wonderful justice to their natural counterparts.

Brissi Guide to Silk Flowers
Brissi Guide to Silk Flowers

Choosing silk flowers over natural poses many benefits. Like natural flowers, they allow you to update your interiors, adding colours and textures with ease. Everlasting flowers, however, do not wilt or require rearranging. They are at full bloom right away and won’t trigger allergies. And quite simply, they will look fantastic for many, many years.

At Brissi, we have expanded our range of silk flowers and our best ever collection of Fleur De Brissi now launched in stores and online. Follow our five top tips to styling silk flowers and hear the gasps of your guests as you tell them that your arrangements are artificial. Though, we won’t tell if you don’t…

  1. Invest in your silks

This may be a no brainer, but you need to make sure your silk flowers are good enough quality that they look real. A great sense check is: if you have to touch it to know whether or not it is real, then you’ve found yourself a high quality, beautiful silk flower.

The Brissi Guide to Silk Flowers
The Frida Collection

  2. Think natural

One of the biggest giveaways of a fake flower is when the bloom is not the same colour of the flower that you would find in nature. Small divergences are welcome, but finding something completely out of the ordinary is a sure giveaway of a silk flower.

The Brissi Guide to Silk Flowers
The Austen Collection

  3. Consider greenery

Like any flower arrangement, blooms are set off by using the right amount of greenery. Artificial greenery is a great way to pad out your arrangement and further trick the eye. If you have any available, why not also mix and match both natural and fake greenery with your silk flowers?

  4. Add focus points

Position your favourite flowers at varying heights to give the most natural looking display. Fleur de Brissi have bendable stems or alternatively, you can trim them with wire cutters. Trim as you go and take advantage of the adjustable stems to place the flowers exactly where you want them. As you near the end of your arrangement, make sure to observe it from all angles and consider what may be missing.

The Brissi Guide to Silk Flowers
The Juliet Collection

  5. Keep them looking fresh

Just as you would with real flowers, you need to keep your fake flowers looking fresh. While you won’t need to water or prune your plants, make sure that you dust or wipe them with a damp cloth every so often.