The Leather Care Guide


The Leather Care Guide  – how to get stains out of leather.

Leather Care Guide

Leather furniture is expensive, but it can last a lifetime with a little know-how and time investment. It’s important that you keep the instruction manual that comes with the furniture as this details the kind of leather it is made from, but just in case you need a quick reminder, we’ve put together a guide on how to deal with stains.

General stains
There are some general guidelines to keep in mind if you find small stains on your leather furniture:

  • Any and all spills should immediately be blotted up with a dry cloth. Wiping a spill is not recommended because it will simply spread the stain out instead of getting rid of it.
  • Never use harsh cleaning solvents, soaps, detergents or alcohol to clean stains. These may actually be more damaging to the leather than the stain itself.
  • Leathers can easily absorb dyes so never use a dyed cloth when cleaning as the inks may transfer.
  • If in doubt, always hire a professional cleaner.

Grease stains
Grease stains can be tricky, but there is no need to panic quite yet! The first thing you need to do is to use a dry, soft unbleached cloth and blot the stain. Don’t use a damp cloth as water won’t get the grease out and you may even spread the stain.

Once you’ve blotted away the worst of the grease, next you need to go and find some talcum powder or flour and sprinkle it on the stain. Allow it to sit for a while and then gently brush it off or vacuum it up.

You may have to do this a few times to get rid of the grease stain altogether. If it is a particularly sticky grease stain, gently rubbing the talcum powder or flour into the stain can help.

Leather Care Guide

Water stains
The best time to attack a water stain is right after it happens. Gently blot it with a soft, undyed cloth as soon as it occurs and you can avoid the worst of a water stain.

If you come across a dried water stain, you can still make the best of it! Simply get a damp cloth (again, undyed so as not to transfer colour) and starting from the centre of the stain, wipe outwards towards all edges.

Remember that you shouldn’t scrub the stain as this can increase the size! Instead, wipe gently ensuring that there is less moisture as you go outward.

This will minimise the stain and helps to provide a uniform effect on the stain, helping it blend in with the rest of the furniture.

Ink stains
Ink stains are some of the trickiest stains when it comes to leather. You may find that small ink stains disappear over time from wear and tear, however ink is also very sticky so if you find it doesn’t go away there are some things you can do. To get rid of smaller stains, you can try using a gentle soap solution and gently rubbing it into the stain, before blotting it away.

For bigger stains, we recommend a professional cleaner. No matter the temptation, do not use alcohol or stronger cleaning solutions on the stain.

Leather Care Guide

Chewing gum stains
This type of stain is common if you have a child, so if you find your furniture blemished by chewing gum there are two things you can do – to get rid of any residue, rub ice cubes (in a towel) over the area to harden any gum left and pull it off easy. To get rid of the residual staining, use the water method above.

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Leather Care Guide

Red wine/alcohol stains
If you happen to spill your Friday night wine on the couch, do not worry! Immediately blot up the excess wine before making a light solution of soap and lukewarm water. Using only the foam created by the soap, apply it gently to the stain and them wipe it dry with a dry, clean cloth.

Final word
With a little TLC, you’ll help maintain the quality look of your leather. From getting rid of water to blotting off grease, there are multiple solutions to eradicate unwanted stains. Simply follow these quick steps above and you’ll be enjoying your leather furniture for years to come.