The Rule of Three

Top tips to styling your coffee table

When you think about focal points in your living room, there are usually three main components: the sofa, the mantel piece and finally the coffee table. Things always work well in threes and because of this, the rule of three is something often associated with design.

This rule is the perfect way to keep your coffee table styling interesting but focused. We’ve rounded up three simple tips to help you perfect your coffee table styling and keep your home as chic and stylish as ever.

Rule 1: Coffee table books

They say never judge a book by it’s cover – though the books you keep on your coffee table may very well go against this. These books will be some of the first things people see as they sit down on your sofa and soak up the atmosphere of your home. They might think a certain book looks particularly inviting with it’s gold-leaf-edged pages and grab it for a read.

That being said, these books need to have style and substance – so do your research and invest in books that will say more about you as a person than perhaps the usual romcom book that you always throw into your suitcase for a week away.

Large, hardback books work well, stacked with the largest at the bottom and smallest at the top. Especially ones with plenty of beautiful images, they’re the perfect thing to flick through whilst sitting in your main entertainment space. For some ideas, check out The Culture Trip’s “17 Coffee Table Books You Need In 2017”.

Rule 2: A delicate tray

Adding a beautiful tray to your coffee table will add a change in depth, height and texture. It’s an easy way of sectioning off a styling space within your coffee table itself and can often add a touch of the ornate to a large surface.

They’re a great way to add a styled area that you might not always want or need on your coffee table – such as a tray used to serve drinks or nibbles to guests. Have a look through our selection of trays to find the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for a silver plated tray to showcase your favourite candle holders or reed diffusers, or whether you want a sturdy tray with handles to serve a stylish tea to your visitors, they’re the perfect addition.

Rule 3: Vase

Add height and a touch of nature with the addition of a pretty vase and a selection of floral stems. A short vase works well in adding some height that will work with your coffee table, and not against it.

We love to add faux flowers that will never need much attention in neutral, calming colours. Your vase can be as quirky or as simple as you like, but will add to the overall style that you are trying to achieve in your room as it is a larger piece.

Pick one that will work well alongside the whole of your living room’s interiors, but don’t worry if it is slightly quirky in texture or colour such as our Betty vase, as it will be a nice addition that will draw your guests attention.