Easter Dining: Make your table sparkle

Get together this Easter – a guest blog from Fawn Interiors.

Easter today means different things to many people, but it is still a time to celebrate new beginnings and gather family and friends together. It’s a special occasion, so your table dressing deserves special attention. Whether it’s carefully designed place settings or investing in new linens, your Easter spread can be made memorable with just a few ingenious ideas: for this beautifully-styled Easter table, Brissi has pulled together their new products, with a simple palette of grey, pale blue, gold, greenery and natural wood tones to delight our every sense.

Easter Dining

Easter: Get the basics right

A good meal starts with a great table and chairs. You want your guests to sit, eat, chat and laugh for hours, not shift about uncomfortably or feel cramped at the table. This Saint Germain extendable table which is perfect for keeping them at the table for hours. They are both part of the Brissi Sustainable Furniture scheme, which makes a positive difference to the environment and local communities.


Easter Dining

Spend time on your place settings


Nothing will make your guests feel more welcome than a place setting that has real thought and love put into its creation. Here, Brissi have combined sweet berries and eucalyptus with a gorgeous blue washed linen napkin, tied together with simple twine. It’s the combination of rustic elegance and organic simplicity that we love here.


Easter Dining

Don’t forget the eggs


Eggs are synonymous with Easter, with hours spent painting them in pretty pastel colours. For a luxe twist on tradition, why not try decorating them with gold paint? This will really elevate the simple painted egg. Also, eggs come in all sizes, here Brissi have used a mixture of quail and small chicken eggs.


Brissi Candle

Make your table sparkle


The fluted sides of Brissi’s Waterfall range are perfect for added sparkle at the table. Guests will feel elegant and pampered sipping from these – but remember to keep them refilled. Add accents of blue with candlesticks and vases for a sumptuous modern banquet feel.


Easter Dining

Keep some elements casual


Remember that this is an alternative Easter dining table, so the addition of casual elements keeps it fresh and new.


Easter Dining

Add brass or gold accents


No table setting for a special occasion is complete without a little bling, and the addition of brass accents through the cutlery vase adds just the right touch of luxe to this elegant affair.


Easter Dining

Don’t forget the greenery


As Easter also marks the beginning of Spring, adding greenery to your table setting is a lovely way to experience elements of the season around the table. We have already seen the addition of the sprigs of eucalyptus to the place settings, but Brissi have taken it a step further with these beautiful hanging displays of eucalyptus and pure white roses/ranunculi. As floral arrangements can take up a lot of table space (where the food needs to be), then hanging them is a perfectly innovative solution.


Easter Dining

Save the best for last


We certainly have saved the best image for last – the cake! The antique brass tea caddy and an antique gold tea strainer are true luxury additions.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough ideas to make your Easter dining experience a truly remarkable event. We hope you enjoy this Easter with your loved ones.


Get together with Brissi and Fawn Interiors.