Sofa Styling with Brissi Sofa Tailor

Turn your sitting room into a stylish place, whatever your sofa style.

Sofa Tailor

After your bed, the most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy is your sofa. At the end of a long day, you seek it out for comfort and relaxation and sink into its heavenly, feather-filled embrace. Choosing a timeless, elegant piece is the first and largest step towards creating a truly stylish living room. It sets the whole tone of the space and says so much about who you are and what you cherish. Let us help you find the sofa of your dreams.

The right sofa/chair combination for your space

Choosing the shape and the fabric is all about you. The tricky part of choosing upholstered furniture is knowing which sizes and pieces will look right in your room. Here’s what to consider when creating your bespoke piece.

Cosy up

Place two identical sofas at a right angle to each other to create the perfect space for chatting and for watching television.

Sofa Tailor

Make some space

Take one large and one medium sofa at a right angle to each other. This gives you the extra space for lounging and extra floor space across the width of your sitting room.

A little more conversation

Position two identical sofa’s opposite each other to produce a stunning symmetrical look. This type of placement is perfect for conversation, reading and listening to music.

Sofa Tailor

Nice and neat

Even if your sitting room is lacking in space we can recommend this simple look for you. Place a large sofa along the longest wall with an armchair either side. Do it this way and everyone gets a seat.

Anything is possible with Sofa Tailor

We can create the perfect sofa for you. Select your style, size, fabric and let the experts work their magic! Extra cushions or an extra set of covers? They can do that too. Sofa Tailor can make it happen for you.

Sofa Tailor

A lifetime of comfort and joy

Your new sofa is the second most important piece of furniture you’ll ever buy. Invest in exceptional quality for comfort and joy that will last you a lifetime. Choose one that’s been hand-crafted in England in a long-established family-owned workshop, rather than a high-street ‘house’ sofa for a unique look.  There’s something very exciting about choosing your own shape, size, fabric, and colour to create a sofa that’s wonderfully, perfectly tailor-made for you.

Natural beauty

All of our sofas are hand-crafted solid wood frames made from glorious beech or birch. Finished with gorgeously plump and receptive feather fillings for the optimum lounging. We’ve come up with the perfect combination – a thin piece of foam for support, generously wrapped in deliciously plump, fluffy feathers which only needs a little bit of plumping up now-and-again. 

Sofa Tailor

Beautiful fabrics

It’s important here to explain a bit about fabrics. High-end retailers use synthetics intentionally to achieve a specific fabric characteristic – a touch of polyester to make the detail on a Herringbone fabric more robust; a polyester-velvet is more crush-proof than its cotton-velvet alternative, which lets you enjoy the tactile beauty of this exquisite fabric. Take a seat! 

Expert advice

Visit one of our beautiful stores, or call our Style Advisor and we can help you make the right choice. You’ll be able to see and talk about our shapes and all the fabric options. Just know the length and width measurements of your room, and let us help you create your bespoke sofa. 

Sofa Tailor

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